Transfer of Knowledge for nano-Electronic Design Automation


Oct. 2005 - Sep. 2010


343 803 euro


Project page:


Transfer of knowledge in the area of High Performance Computing aiming to the development of research-training capacities of the Romanian Scientific and Technical Community of Researchers in the area of Scientific Computation in Electrical Engineering and nano-Electronic Design Automation (nEDA).

The total research-training effort is 72 person x months.

Expected results:

  • A functional cluster of PCs, Beowulf type with 64 nodes, designed and installed by the hired ToK experts;
  • A functional hybrid Grid, which interconnects a system with a distributed architecture and an existing system with parallel architecture;
  • The connection of the local HPC resources with international ones, using shared-resource model and Grid technology, resulting a virtual organization, dedicated to new FP7 proposals, partnerships, topics;
  • Set-up by the ToK experts of a coherent, comprehensive, easy-to-use HPC software development system with quality assurance procedures;
  • Training and demonstrations with advanced computational tools, tuned for nEDA, on such systems.