Early Stage research Training at an EaSTern European Site with Tradition


Nov. 2005 - Oct. 2009


744 000 euro


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To train in PUB 18 foreign Early Stage Researchers (less than fourt years experience) in the area of Scientific Computation in Electrical Engineering at highest doctoral level, in the frame of the Doctoral School in Electrical Eng. & Computational Sci. established in PUB, involving them into European research projects.

The total research-training effort is 264 person x months: 6 fellowships for 3 years (PhD students) and 12 fellowship for 4 months (stages).

Research component: nEDA = New Methodologies and Software Tools for nano- Electronic Design Automation, according to the Strategic Research Agenda of European Technology Platform in nano-electronics - ENIAC and FP6 projects, such as: Chameleon RF, ARTIC