Compact modelling of on-chip passive structures at high frequencies


Mar. 2002 - Aug. 2004


224 222 euro (LMN part)


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The main goal of the CODESTAR project is the development of a code dedicated for the electromagnetic simulation of passive on-chip structures resulting in a small simulation network. First a detailed analysis of the test structure is carried out using an electromagnetic field solver. The outcome of the field solver is a full net list describing the detailed characteristics of the passive structure. This net list will be too large to be useful and therefore a systematic reduction of the net list must be done (i.e. reduced-order modeling). The resulting compact equivalent lumped-element model is inserted back into the full design scheme and the design cycle can be pursued. Parallel fabrication, characterisation and evaluation of dedicated test structures is carried out, in order to validate the CODESTAR-code. The matching between experimental and CODESTAR simulation results is the measure of the project success.